Where to Stay in East Africa

Choosing your accommodations can be as varied and diverse as the landscapes you want to visit.

There’s a plethora of enticing hotels, lodges and tented safari camps from which to choose, from sublime art deco palaces to rustic small bush camps and everything in between. Stay at lavish private homesteads, 5-star boutique beach villas or hand-carved small lodges in remote, undisturbed areas.

Choices can be narrowed down based on your comfort level requirements, affordability, level of culinary expertise, location and proximity to wildlife areas. There is an endless amount of game reserves and parks to choose from.

Other factors such as a swimming pool or spa facilities may influence your choice.

Certain establishments may suit families with young children, others perhaps more private and serene for romantic honeymooners.

Collectively the Bespoke Safaris team has personal experience and detailed, up to date knowledge on nearly all the East African lodges, camps and hotels. We’re happy to provide unbiased, objective advice helping you to select the best accommodations for your vacation.